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These inspirational Christian poems on death and dying are meant to comfort you after the death of a loved one. After a death there are times at night when the darkness surrounds us. We cannot sleep because the void is so strong and the pain of our loss is so excruciating. It seems like we are totally alone and that no one could understand how we feel. You may ask yourself after a death, "How will I go on? When will this pain go away? Why?"

  The truth is - ONLY God knows the why’s of death and heartache. ONLY God can heal your broken heart. ONLY God can fill the void. ONLY God can love and comfort you deep inside when the rest of the world is asleep. My prayer for writing my God inspired inspirational Christian poems on death is that in some way they will help you feel God's loving arms around you in your grief. If you would like to read a poem at your loved one's funeral, go to my "Submit Your Information" page (shown on the left menu) and let me know. I will email you an attachment of the poem that you can read and then keep as a reminder of God's everlasting love for you. Also if you know of anyone who has lost a loved one through death, please tell them about the Heaven's Roll Call website at or websites. Both have different inspirational Christian poems. It is a place they can go in silence and read words of comfort day or night. Remember, it is okay to cry, because your tears are God's way of reminding you of the good memories He allowed you to share.

All My Tomorrows

Behind Every Dark Sky

Forever and Always

God Knows Your Pain

God's Waiting There for You

He Knows the Pain of Death

I Know

I'll Let You Go

I'll Say Goodbye

Let Go

Memories Live Forever

My Love for You

One Day I'll See

Relive Each

Rise and Shine

Take It to the Lord in Prayer


Tears from Heaven

The Bigger Picture

The Bond God Made

The Escape from All Pain

The Life That
Was Ours

The Party Had Begun

The Sun Will Shine

We'll Be United

You Are the Hope

You Had to Know

You Know the Past

Your Soul Is Free

You're Never Far Apart


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